Yay, time-traveling! Only this time it gets handled in a somewhat more dramatic and realistic way, as opposed to bringing you entertainment. Does it work? Both yes and no.

It most definitely isn't a bad movie but it still seems to missing something in it. Something truly creative to let this movie work out as a both convincing and engaging enough movie. The movie as it is feels a bit too stale and isn't ever really doing anything to ever truly surprise you- or to bring any real excitement with anything.

The story really is lacking some good developments in it. Not that the movie ever becomes a too slow or boring one but it often does feel that things are dragging on for too long and the movie could and should have gotten to its point earlier on at some parts. Especially the whole middle section of the movie feels needlessly long, also since you basically already know how things eventually are going to develop and what's going to happen next all. Like I said, it isn't a very surprising movie with anything but it still remains a watchable enough one though.

The movie and the story itself perhaps isn't the most surprising or original one but the approach of the movie does still help to make this a fresh and original enough feeling genre movie. I wish I could say that the 'serious' and more dramatic approach of the movie also makes this an emotionally effective and involving one, which it really doesn't but it still helps to keep things interesting and fresh enough. Normally time-travel movies are filled with fantasy and science-fiction aspects of course but not this movie though. It takes a more 'quiet' and simple approach to things, which does work out as humble and sweet but at the same time I still really do feel that this also is a movie that truly could have used some more 'fun' and truly imaginative elements in it at times. This truly could have been a great both entertaining and effectively dramatic movie but because the movie is all seriousness and no play it never works out as an entertaining enough movie but also not as an engaging enough one because the movie itself has a kind of cold and distant tone to it.

And really, all of this is due to the movie its look. For some reason it's a very dark looking movie, even though it really isn't dealing with that dark themes or the drama ever gets that heavy. Some use of some more colors really could have done wonders for this movie. It definitely would have turned this movie into a more lively and warm one and therefore potentially into a more entertaining and engaging one as well.

The movie has a surprisingly impressive cast, with actors such as Gillian Anderson, Haley Joel Osment, Rufus Sewell in it. Also really not much wrong with the acting in this movie, though some characters till felt slightly miscast within their roles. But it's OK really, since basically everyone does such a fine job with their parts.

There are some elements I really liked about the movie but then again, there also are lots of elements that I disliked and helped to turn this movie into an ultimately very average one that's still worth seeing but not really worth recommending to you as well.


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