What a shame. This looks and sounds like a decent enough genre flick but the movie is a pretty terrible one unfortunately, without any good mystery, suspense, or much excitement in it.

That's really the main problem with this movie; it really isn't a very exciting one to watch. It actually feels like a quite boring one, in which not enough is ever happening. This is something that would have been alright for a more subtle and clever type of horror movie, with an engaging story and some suspenseful mystery in it but none of that is present in this movie though. It's just a boring, simplistic, shallow genre attempt, that's a totally forgettable one.

It isn't even a very original one to begin with. Lets just say it's using a "Carrie" type of story, including some religious themes. Weird thing about the story though is that's pretty obvious, very early on already, that some strange things are going on. Yet none of the characters pay much attention to it and are quick to dismiss it, even though there is no logical explanation for some of the events that happen, right in front of their very own eyes. It's not just a killer for the realism and credibility of the movie but also really for its mystery and suspense. It's stupid to watch all really and annoying how all of the characters react and behave throughout the movie.

The movie basically has no idea how to properly and effectively handle- or set up things. It even feels like scenes are missing from the movie at times, that were needed to explain- and explore things further. Every time you start to believe that things are finally starting to develop and the movie is taking things into an interesting and surprising direction, the movie does something stupid again, which totally ruins things.

Also of course how they give Vinnie Jones a lead role in this but for instance let someone like Christian Slater play a small a totally wasteful role. None of the actors really impress in this movie, which also all adds to the reasons why it never works out as a very effective movie, when it comes down to either its credibility, suspense or mystery.

Really not worth checking out.


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