Here's yet another one of the most hated Gojira movies that's around but you know what, it's not THAT bad!

Sure, I prefer the Ishir├┤ Honda Gorjia movies over the Jun Fukuda ones any day but having said that, this movie still is pretty entertaining to watch. I certainly had fun with it!

The movie does however make it all the more obvious that Jun Fukuda really wasn't the best action director around. Kaiju fights always should be awesome but I problem I often have with the ones features in the Jun Fukuda movies is that they tend to feel overlong, maybe also because they never are the most exciting ones to watch. And no, not even Gojira's insane tail kick can change anything to that!

Guess that the foremost reason why this movie isn't among the most liked ones is because of the Jet Jaguar character. It also feels weird that a colorful robot, who otherwise looks like an ordinary guy in a rubber suit, with two arms, two legs and a head joins in the fights with some big, monstrous, outlandish looking creatures, such as Megalon and also Gigan, from the previous movie "Chiky├╗ kogeki meirei: Gojira tai Gaigan", again. But personally, I really don't hate the character, though it's still silly and disappointing to see how the series continues to try and appeal mostly to young kids, this time with the Jet Jaguar character, who actually even was designed by a kid, following a contest held by the Toho studios.

The story....well, I admit that half of the time I even had no idea what was going on in this movie! It all felt incredibly random and messy but the movie luckily still remains an entertaining one to watch, with its silly action moments and awesome looking kaijus.

It's a bad and silly movie, that's easy to make fun of but within the context of the genre it still works out as a pretty decent and entertaining one.


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