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Boys of Abu Ghraib (2014)

Ah yes Abu Ghraib...Still a controversial with some people of course and one of the reasons why lots of people are hating on the movie, without even having seen it but let me just tell you that there is absolutely nothing controversial, shocking or offensive about this actual movie. Read more>

Stage Fright (2014)

While this is a far from perfect movie, it's still a good and fun throwback to the early days of the slasher genre! Read more>

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

Don't even really remember why (it was that forgettable for me) but I never was that impressed with the first "Captain America: The First Avenger" movie. As a matter of fact, it's my least favorite Marvel movie till date and in all honesty, all of the Marvel movies are of course entertaining ones but at the same time, that's also all that they are. There are only an handful of truly great ones in my opinion, which are also the only ones that I can watch over and over again. Is "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" one of those movies? Absolutely! Read more>

Five Thirteen (2013)

Well, I know that you should never expect too much from a movie starring the likes of Tom Sizemore and Danny Trejo in it, especially not when they are in one and the same movie together but this one still looked like it had some potential. And indeed, it started off pretty well and promising but soon after that it starts to become more and more obvious to you that this just isn't a very good, fun or engaging crime flick. Read more>

Grudge Match (2013)

This sounded like a good and fun idea; lets bring an aging Rocky and Raging Bull together and base an entire movie around this one main premise. Well, it's not quite that simple of course and I unfortunately also have to say that the movie doesn't work out as a very good or even fun one. Read more>

August: Osage County (2013)

Taking a look into a dysfunctional family is of course far more interesting than having a look at an ordinary, everyday, family who are doing- and going through everyday things. In that regard, this movie also does work out a both fun and interesting one. Read more>

San daikaij├╗: Chiky├╗ saidai no kessen (1964)

So what's more awesome than having 2 giant monsters fighting each other? 3 giant monsters fighting each other? No! 4 of course! Read more>

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)

Wasn't really expecting this but this movie was a very average one, in just about every regard. It had plenty of good ideas in it and it obviously was made with the best of intentions but as a whole, the movie still falls flat. Read more>


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