Well, I know that you should never expect too much from a movie starring the likes of Tom Sizemore and Danny Trejo in it, especially not when they are in one and the same movie together but this one still looked like it had some potential. And indeed, it started off pretty well and promising but soon after that it starts to become more and more obvious to you that this just isn't a very good, fun or engaging crime flick.

It's very simple but the main reason why this movie doesn't work out as a very good one is because of its weak story, that besides is poorly handled by director Kader Ayd. The story in itself is a formulaic and straightforward one but the movie still tries to let things seem more complicated and clever by throwing in multiple different plot lines, involving different characters.

But really, it just doesn't ever work out very well. Not that the movie ever becomes too complicated but it does feel a bit too messy and needlessly convoluted. Instead of adding more depth to the movie or making it a more interesting, it actually turns the movie into a poor and unpleasant one. It constantly feels like you are watching a bunch of different movies, that never come together in an effective or convincing enough way.

There are definitely a few too many characters in this movie and since it's focusing on a different character every 10 other minutes or so, so none of the characters ever get the chance to fully develop into some interesting or engaging ones. I basically still don't know anything about any of the characters in this movie but it didn't bothered me too much, since the movie actually has some pretty decent acting in it.

The dialog is still pretty bad though and it's the type of dialog that's put into the movie only to drag out scenes, since it really doesn't add much to the overall story or character development of the movie. It's annoying and often tiresome to watch as well but it's not as bad as it could have been I guess, which again, is thanks to the pretty decent acting. I didn't like any of the characters but I still liked some of the actors in this movie!

The ending makes it even more obvious that the film-makers were having no real good idea of what they were doing and trying to achieve with this movie. It's lacking bite, overall feels far too pointless and doesn't have a good focus. It's definitely true that I have seen far worse genre movies and I have to say that despite everything, this movie still remains a perfectly watchable one but I just can't call it a very good or recommendable movie as well.


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