Thumbs up for the movie its originality but that still doesn't mean that the movie itself is a great one as well though.

I actually quite liked it but I'm absolutely sure that most people are going to have tons of problems with this movie and the majority of them also definitely are not going to like this movie. I myself also have tons of problems with it but it really was the originality of the movie and the approach that made me still like it.

First of all, it's listed as a horror movie but that really doesn't mean that this movie is a straightforward horror flick, with a creepy atmosphere, tons of scares and a monster roaming about. No, it's a far more subtle- but also most definitely a more unusual one. It's more a horror movie with its mystery, which is confusing and poorly handled at times but I still though it worked out as engaging one.

I'm not very fond of movies that deliberately keep you in the dark about things, for as long as possible and don't drop any hints or give you any information that might lead up to you understanding what's going on exactly. This movie definitely does that as well but it luckily still works out as a pretty interesting and fascinating, unusual, movie that I wanted to keep watching, even when things got really weird.

The story still is needlessly confusing and convoluted though, which isn't due to any solid or clever writing but due to the simple fact that the story is told in a vague and mysterious way and the movie itself really doesn't want you to know everything about what's going on and what its characters are all truly about. The movie is doing this a bit too much in my opinion.

One of the things I really appreciated about the movie though was its main character, played by Tony Scannell. Thought it was a good and interesting move by the movie to pick an elderly character as its lead, though Tony Scannell is not quite as old as he looks in this movie. It makes his character a more interesting one and gives the movie a new, interesting, dimension that we don't often get to see in any movies.

It's an unusual movie that most people won't like but I nevertheless still enjoyed, on some weird level.


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  1. Actually it is very clever writing but I would say that, wouldn't I? lol