The moment I heard what this movie was going to be about...I knew it was going to be a lame and terrible comedy!

The movie features the type of premise you normally expect to see in a Rob Schneider or Adam Sandler type of comedy. It's a movie about a womanizer (Cam Gigandet) who one day wakes up and finds out that his penis is missing...and I mean, like literally! There is a flat spot and he has to urinate from an alternate hole, if you know what I mean. And as if that wasn't enough already, his penis has come to life, in the form of a talking a walking person, played by Nick Thune. Sounds incredibly inmate and lame right? And while I admit that the movie isn't as lame or immature as I expected, I just can't call it a very good comedy- or just movie in general.

As weird as it may sound, this movie still showed some potential with its story. It could have been a pretty good, amusing and sweet comedy about finding- and understanding the true meaning of love but the story just never quite goes there. It's lacking any kind of depth or good messages in it, so the movie remains nothing but a straightforward and simplistic comedy, that's just going for laughs.

It's especially disappointing how the main character of the movie isn't ever going through some life changing transformations and how his view of the world and life doesn't even change all that much throughout the movie. He just becomes more dorky and softer but does that make you a better person and better a more faithful lover as well? I mean, I can see how that might work like that with some people but it never works out as anything effective or convincing within the context of the movie itself. It does far too little with anything for all that matter, which is the main reason why most of the story-lines and characters don't really ever work out.

And really, isn't Cam Gigandet above these type of movies yet? His career certainly isn't going to move forward if he continues to do movies like this. But for some reason I believe that this is one of those movies that was filmed over 3 years ago already and remained on a shelve somewhere, collecting dust, before someone finally picked it up and decided that the time was right to release it.

And while the comedy of the movie isn't as raunchy and immature as I had expected, it still isn't some good comedy either. The movie barely made me laugh and most of the comedy and developments are all far too predictable.

It's at least not a boring or terrible movie but I just can't really recommend it to anyone either!


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