This is not a bad movie but it's not a great one either. I mean, it's by no means a must-see but when you do decide to watch you most likely won't regret it. It's a pleasant to watch little movie, that keeps you entertained for 90 minutes but it's not a movie that will live on in your memory for a very long time.

This movie actually is exactly what I expected it to be; a random drama about life, about everyday people, dealing with everyday things and problems, while the movie itself never become a too heavy or serious with anything. It's actually more of a comedy in my opinion. Not the 'laugh out loud' type of comedy but more one of the subtle kind, that's amusing and entertaining, as well as still engaging, with all of its different themes, characters and story.

It's a pretty well made movie that's about as good as its story and concept allowed it to be. I mean, I really doubt that a better or more experienced director could have turned this into a better movie as well. The story is a pretty basic one, which isn't a complaint by the way, since it does still works out as a good and interesting one but it just doesn't leave room for things to develop into anything truly heartfelt or emotionally involving.

The movie still deals with some nice and reliable themes though, such as love, parenting, work, all in the broadest sense of the word. It's a coming of age movie, it's a dealing with a broken family movie, it's a movie about trying to make it in life. Really, it's a movie about a whole bunch of different things ones you start analyzing it but while watching it, you'll simply just be having a good time. It's never a heavy or complicated movie to watch, in which you are constantly forced to use your mind. It's a movie you can easily enjoy without having to think about anything.

The movie also works out well thanks to the characters and the actors who portray them. There are some fun characters in the movie, who are by no means perfect, just like in real life of course. I especially enjoyed the dynamic between the Christopher Meloni and Dean Norris characters. They are really convincing as colleagues/buddies who have know each other- and worked together for years already and know each other inside out.

Nothing too revolutionary or life changing but it simply is a good movie, that I truly enjoyed watching.


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