Can you spell formulaic? A-N-I-M-U-S, that's how you spell it!

And really, being formulaic doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing as well, as long as the movie is done well of course. But no, this is nothing but an amateur like project, with weak acting, a poor script, average directing and an awful sound quality.

Seriously, that's always the main thing that bothers me about cheaply done movies; the sound quality of it. It never sounds right. The one moment it sounds like it was recorded from the back of the room and the other there is too much background noise, while the next moment the crew didn't even bothered to record any sound. My 'favorite' moment in the movie is when two persons are having sex in a car. The moaning and screaming you hear clearly aren't from any of the actors though and it obviously got ripped from some random porn movie off the internet (which I'm of course an expert on). Great job guys!

It's disappointing how the movie isn't even really trying to do anything new or be creative with anything. Guess that the gore still looks decent enough but the movie at times is too dark to be really able to tell what is going on. Or perhaps the bigger problem is that I didn't really cared what was going on in the first place.

And really, is this even a horror movie? Not for the first half anyway. It's actually a very boring movie, in which absolutely nothing good or interesting is ever happening, within its first 40 minutes. There is not a good build up either, since it's just basically constantly building up toward something that you already know is coming, the moment that you start watching it. You know that bad things are going to happen to all of the characters, once they enter the abandoned insane asylum (I know, very original and creative!), so why postpone the inevitable?

Also silly to see how the movie its killer basically is like a cheap knock-off of the killer from the cult-classic "Anthropophagus". Guess the film-makers thought that they would be able to get away with it, seeing how "Anthropophagus" is a pretty old and obscure little genre movie but they didn't fool me! And please don't say it's an homage...

Still good to see how this is a movie that has all the markings of a found-footage movie but the movie luckily never fully turns into one as well. My guess is that it originally still was supposed to be a found-footage movie but they abandoned the idea after they realized that it would have made the movie into an even more formulaic and terrible one. That's the one thing I'm still willing to give the film-makers credit for!

Other than that, this is a movie that really isn't worth seeing, not even for the most hardcore genre lovers.


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