This first sequel already is a huge step down from the first and original movie.

It's funny to see how sequels haven't changed much over the decades. This movie makes some of the same mistakes that sequels continue to make, to this very day. It's trying to be bigger, better and more spectacular than the original but without capturing the same sort of magic of the original and without much true originality or creativity in regards to its story.

So what's bigger and more spectacular than a Gojira monster, the film-makers must have asked to themselves? An even larger Gojira? No, that was saved that for some of the later sequels and instead they decided on having two monsters instead of just one in this movie. Does it add anything? Well, it's fun but other than that, it doesn't add all that much to the story really. The characters pretty much approach the 'problem' in the same manner as they did back when there was only one monster roaming about in the first "Gojira" movie. I wouldn't even necessarily say that there is more destruction or chaos in this movie and all that is different is that the two monsters have a go at each other as well, which is both awesome and silly to watch really.

I mean, in this movie it's pretty obvious that they are two guys in rubber suits who are having a go at each other, while standing on a miniature set. It's never anything very realistic or convincing looking. I know this is the kind of stuff that the Gojira movies are best known for but that of course doesn't necessarily make it a great thing as well, or at least not within this particular movie.

But that of course isn't just the only- or most disappointing aspect and biggest problem of this movie. The biggest problem with this movie is still the story. It's lacking a good build up (it for instance shows its new monster right away, in one of the very first scenes already), likable enough human characters. The human- and monster story lines don't even ever feel really connected to each other. It's as if the humans and monsters of this movie are each playing in a totally different movie but neither is a very interesting or solid enough one.

That's another problem with the story; it's more entertaining than deep with anything. All of the depth and underlying messages and themes from the first movie are completely absent from this one, which to me was one of the most disappointing aspects. There isn't even all that much story in this movie and it all feels far too straightforward and simplistic in how things are set up and eventually get resolved within the movie.

It's not an absolutely terrible movie but still a huge step down from the wonderful and still powerful 1954 original and predecessor.


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