Still reluctant to call this a great movie but at the same time I have to say that it definitely is a cute and also original enough little movie.

Yes, this movie is definitely better and more enjoyable than just the average romantic-comedy. It's probably because the emphasis of the movie gets put on the romance and it isn't constantly and forcefully trying to make you laugh at the end of every scene. There is still plenty of humor in it but it's a more mature and subtle type of humor, that definitely worked out pleasant for the movie.

Now, I still won't call this an absolute must-see though. It's still a pretty simplistic movie with its settings, limited characters and straightforward story. There still are some interesting dimensions to the story but I feel that overall this movie still isn't quite half as dramatically engaging as it potentially could have been. There are more than a few missed opportunities in this movie and it's lacking a certain bit of extra that was required to truly turn this movie into a special and truly memorable one.

But before I'm starting to sound too harsh and bitter about this movie; I actually did genuinely enjoy watching it. Not just because of the humor but also definitely because of the movie its romantic aspects. The premise works out as pretty cute for the movie and so did the performances by Andy Garcia and Vera Farmiga. It's always good to watch a romantic story develop that doesn't involve young people, with pretty faces and 'perfect' bodies (not saying that Andy Garcia and Vera Farmiga are ugly but you know what I mean), who still don't know anything about true love yet and have plenty of time to discover the real meaning of the word. No, both the Andy Garcia and Vera Farmiga characters are obviously some more seasoned individuals, who both have enjoyed and endured the joy and pain of love. It makes their characters- as well as the story more interesting and engaging to follow in my opinion and experience.

It's just a movie to have a good time with. Nothing too solid and also definitely not everything works out about it (should have dropped the whole plot line involving their kids in my opinion, or they should have made it into a more interesting and effective one) but I feel and believe that this movie overall is a pretty good and enjoyable one and definitely better and more original than just the usual, standard, genre drivel.


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