Great, another low budget, little, British crime flick that's doing the same as every other genre movie, only arguably worse.

Main problem with these type of movies always is that it's main characters are a bunch of criminals, that the movie expects us to care about. But really, who should I care about a bunch of low life, drug selling and murdering young punks? There is nothing redeeming or likable about any of the characters and besides, there are too many of them. There are all far too alike as well, which in other words means that they all virtually have no personality. I can't tell any of them apart and I just can't remember any of the character's names either. That should tell you something about how forgettable and alike they all are.

You might get away with following a bunch of low life criminals around and turn the movie into an interesting and engaging one if your name is Scorsese but Paul Tanter obviously just ain't no Scorsese. I really don't know or understand what this movie is expecting of us. Does it truly want us to root for its main characters or it it simply a realistic telling of events, that just happens to involve a bunch of criminals? Well, maybe that could have been the case if the movie was based on a true story. But don't be fooled by its title; this movie is not based around the 1995 Essex murders and crime syndicate but it's rather a fictionalized follow up to all of those events, involving entirely different characters, set in the present time.

The story itself is a pretty basic one, that also doesn't offer any true surprises but more importantly; it isn't a very interesting or engaging one. There is no reason why you should watch this movie, when there are literally dozens of similar and much better genre movies out there already. This one adds absolutely nothing new and isn't doing much to please or surprise the fans of the genre.

Well, it's maybe not the worst genre movie that I have ever seen but that's of course not saying much about the quality of this actual movie. And no, this just isn't a very good genre movie at all, or even movie in general.

An uninteresting story, unlikeable main characters, not enough overall creativity. That should pretty much sum it up for you!


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5 reacties:

  1. Think 5/10 is generous!

  2. That's what I thought! I was expecting something better...oh well.

  3. i thought some of the other characters were pretty decent..had an ok twist as well

  4. I loved it when scooba did the chicken hard from behind whist we all watched oh yeah