Well, some movies are just there to enjoy. This is isn't really a movie with a strong story but it does a good job at capturing a certain scene and era (the 1970's) and focus on the early- and the successful years of the legendary CBGB club and its founder and owner Hilly Kristal, played by Alan Rickman.

It isn't even necessarily following a clear main plot line. But really, I had absolutely no problem with that, since I didn't see this movie as one that was trying to be all sappy- or glorify anyone by featuring a dramatic story in it. The movie was simply all about the time period and the music scene instead in my opinion and that also was what made the movie a both interesting and enjoyable one to watch.

You don't even necessarily have to like any of the music that's featured in this movie. There is just so much energy and a positive and enjoyable vibe throughout the entire movie that you should be able to enjoy it, regardless of your musical taste or preferences. Seriously, I'm not a punk guy at all but I most certainly didn't minded any of the music that could be heard throughout this movie. And some well known artist (played by actors of course) and songs pass through this movie of course, that you most likely all have heard of already.

It's a fast paced movie that doesn't ever elaborate too much on anything or takes its time to set things up. Characters come and go and people rise and fall but this all suits the style and approach of the movie, as well as its subject. It has the kind of live fast and die young kind of mentality over it, in which most of the characters live in the here and now and aren't much concerned or interested about their future.

It of course at the same time makes this a far from great movie and it also most definitely isn't an absolute must-see because it isn't a terribly deep movie and actually quite simplistic in the way it's setup and getting told. But it nevertheless remains an interesting as was as entertaining enough movie to watch, that I also enjoyed quite a bit, even though I had no real interest in its subject beforehand.


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