Not all SyFy originals are by definition bad movies. Some of them are even pretty good and fun to watch, in their own way. And about this movie...well, it's not among the best but it's still a whole lot better and more fun to watch than a lot of other genre movies.

Of course this is not a great movie but then again, it isn't ever pretending to be. It knows what it is and knows its own limitations and what audience it's made for, When it's silly and bad it at least is being bad and silly in a very self-aware and entertaining kind of way. But how can you take a movie involving 'sea vampires' serious in the first place?

There are still certain things about this movie and SyFy originals in general that annoy me. One is that they always all seem to follow the same templates. Seriously, once you have seen one of those movies you know how all of them are going to progress- and the things they are going to feature in them. There are no surprises really, no matter how ridicules and original these movies can get with its concepts.

One of the 'smaller' things that also annoys me is how these movies always feel the need to feature a human villain in it as well. It doesn't matter if giant dinosaurs, sharks, bees, alligators or giant storms are going to destroy the world and kill everyone on their path, they always throw an insignificant and mustache twirling human villain into the mix as well, who often really isn't doing anything, besides just being evil for the sake of being evil. This movie is no different unfortunately.

But at the same time, I also have to say that these SyFy originals definitely seem to learn from their mistakes and the critique they receive. For one the special effects have definitely improved in these movies, over the past few years. It's also slightly, just slightly, taking things more seriously and doesn't just relishes in its campiness anymore. The acting also really isn't all that bad, despite the weak writing and dialog in the movie.

It clearly isn't the best, most exciting, clever or surprising movie but it at least still is being entertaining enough to watch.


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