This by no means shouldn't be a good movie to watch but yet it somehow works out as a very good and entertaining one.

There are a lot of silly and over-the-top things about this movie and perhaps that's the very same reason why it becomes such an entertaining one to watch. It has a silly and bad straightforward story in it, some over-the-top action (exploding motorcycles!) and some extremely bad B-acting performances by some of its actors. Seriously, Michael Paré is terrible in this but yet his performances really suits the movie and is part of the reason why it's such a perfectly fun and watchable one.

Perhaps it should come as no surprise that this movie is a pretty good one to watch, seeing how its directed by Walter Hill. His movies perhaps aren't amongst the best ones ever made but a lot of the movies he has done have grown into semi-classics and cult favorites, with of course "The Warriors" as the best known example.

The only thing that really matters about this movie is that's a fun one to watch. Forget about the story, forget about the acting, this is just simply a movie to enjoy and not one to think too hard about or nitpick to death. It serves its purpose and it serves it well!

It's really a typical 'cheap' '80's action flick, in the way how it looks, feels and sounds. The action is all good and while never anything truly spectacular it's always something very raw and enjoyable to watch and the movie features an '80's soundtrack that will make your head spin! Some people even consider this to be a musical, due to the Diane Lane character being a singer in this and the movie indeed also features more than a few songs in it.

Despite having mostly bad acting in it, there also are some good performances in this movie. I for instance really enjoyed Willem Dafoe's performance, as the main villain. I would even go as far to say that it's one of the best villainous roles he's ever played and that's of course saying a lot, seeing how many villains he has played throughout his career. He's just evil and insane in this and I loved it. Rick Moranis was also good and enjoyable as the movie's main comic relief, though it's not the usual 'Rick Moranis comical type of role' he's playing in this. His character has some more meat to it, so to speak.

Some enjoyable, over-the-top, '80's action fun!


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