Quite frankly I don't really see how this movie is any worse or more ridicules than the average genre attempt. In that regard, I also really can't say that this movie is any better or worse than the average genre movie.

Of course there are plenty of problems with this movie, mainly in the story department. Yet, it doesn't make this movie a totally horrible one to watch as well. I never felt bored and I never felt angered or annoyed by anything. I therefore also still do see it as a watchable enough movie, though at the same time it isn't anything that's worth recommending to anyone either.

One of the bad things about this movie is that it's one of those technology thrillers, in which all of the technology that gets used is something utterly ridicules and unconvincing. Besides, it's set in a world in which the two fictional companies, headed by the Gary Oldman and Harrison Ford character, are leading the market, yet all of the characters are blatantly using Apple products throughout the entire movie. What was up with that?

Also a problem with the story is that neither the Gary Oldman or Harrison Ford character are 'good guys'. So when the Liam Hemsworth has to spy on the one company, for the other company, you just don't know how to feel about it. Do you want him to succeed? Do you want him to fail? Ultimalty it doesn't matter since there don't seem to be any differences between the Gary Oldman or Harrison Ford characters, or what their companies are doing and standing for. So why should you care about anything that's happening in this movie?

Besides, also partly because of this, the movie never becomes a very engaging or tense one to watch. You just don't ever have the feeling that the Liam Hemsworth's character gets stuck in a situation he can't get out of, or that his life and career ever gets in any real danger. His character's motivations are all a bit shaky and at times even non-existent. He just does stuff but you don't really ever get to understand why he's doing them.

It are all signs of a just too simplistic and not very carefully thought through movie. The movie had plenty of opportunities to make a statement against something such as greed and the big corporations or to become a more 'inteligent' one with any of its themes but it feels like this movie got written and made in too much of a hurry. It eventually all resulted in a pretty shallow, simplistic and forgettable little movie, that doesn't offer enough excitement or any real surprises in it.

But still, I just have to admit that this movie never gave me the feeling I was watching an absolutely terrible one. It's still looking and feeling like a good enough movie, which is mostly due to the performances by its cast members. It's also never becoming a boring or repetitive movie to watch, so I'm really not complaining all too much about it.

Not a complete time waster but obviously nothing too impressive or worth recommending either.


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