It almost have been a year since I have seen the first Jack Irish TV movie but thing I remember about it is that it was a very complex and talkative movie, in which characters kept popping up and names were being dropped all over. It must have done some things well as well, since I eventually did end up liking it more than not. This second TV movie is pretty much the same, only even more complex and less focused with its story, making this far from the most pleasant or engaging thing to watch.

It really is OK for a movie to have lots of characters in it and to be a very talkative movie, as long as it manages to maintain a good focus as well. In this movie it's hard to tell what is going on at times and what its main plot line is supposed to be all about. Besides, there are a bit too many needless distractions in the story, causing this movie to feel overlong as well. All in all, plenty of reasons to call this movie a bad and unbearable one to watch but fact actually still is that this movie still remains a perfectly watchable one, all throughout.

It's still a real quality detective movie, with a good look to it and some fine performances by its actors, Guy Pearce in particular of course. Even though you most likely won't always understand what's going on, it's reassuring to see that the characters at least still seem to know and understand what's going on and what they are doing in this. It makes the movie feel less messy than it sounds and really, it's not like you'll never understand one bit of what's going on.

The movie may feel a bit overlong but it still never bores, since there is always something going on in its story and something happening on the screen. It therefore also still is a mostly watchable movie but not one you should go out of your way to see.


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