To be honest, this sounded like a perfectly fine and original movie to me; a man that's fighting for the survival of his new born child, in the midst of hurricane Katrina. The eventual movie is however far from anything great or even interesting and engaging enough.

Note to all film-makers; when you make a serious drama you shouldn't cast Paul Walker as your leading man. He's a perfectly fine actor but only for certain type of roles and certain type of movies, that don't involve as many drama and emotions as this one does. seriously, he does a really poor job handling all of the emotions, which is one of the reasons why this movie never really works out that well.

There is never a sense of drama but also never any of danger or tension. It never feels like any of the lives are in real danger from anything and the hurricane Katrina is mostly something that's just happening in the background. I can understand that this mostly was done because of budget reasons but surely they could have done a bit more with it. A simple little touch such as some stormy sound effects in the background for instance would have sufficed.

Instead the movie is one that's mostly taking place inside a single room, which in this case also means that it soon starts to turn into a pretty repetitive one. It also makes things feel like they are taking place far away from all of the danger and panic outside. It isn't a terribly creative or surprising movie with anything, which is making this a definitely below average one to watch.

It had some potential but it eventually was ruined by the lacking execution of it.


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