Zombies are hot! This movie is not...

Reason why this movie doesn't really work out too well is because it for most part is playing things for laughs, while it really isn't a very funny one to watch.

it's a movie that's desperately trying to be like a Robert Rodriguez flick, by also going over-the-top with things and stealing Danny Trejo. It's going for a very deliberate and calculated bad and silly approach but without ever becoming a creative and entertaining movie to watch as well.

The movie spends a lot of time with its characters. There is definitely more talking than zombie action going on in this movie. And nothing wrong with that of course but none of the characters are really any interesting or likable enough ones to constantly have to follow around throughout the entire movie.

When looking back at it, there really is a disappointing amount of zombie action and fun in this movie. Most of the time this movie also really doesn't feel like a zombie flick or survival movie.There never is any real sense of danger and all of the action comes out of absolutely nowhere. It's random, yet very predictable all.

What's also disappointing about it is that this is a movie that loves to use CGI. Yes, that means also tons of fake looking CG blood and gore that never feels realistic. I keep saying this but when you don't have to money to afford yourself some decent enough looking CGI effects, then don't use them at all! Be more creative with your writing or use some practical effects instead but no one out there, that I know of, enjoys watching a gory, fun, horror flick that uses cheap CGI for all of its gore.

And I know that the actors are deliberately giving some wooden and exaggerated performances but it's also quite obvious that none of the actors are really any great ones to begin with. Sometimes their performances work out more annoying than anything else really and especially Jason K. Wixom is absolutely terrible!

Really not fun or creative enough to call this movie a watchable enough one.


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