It often takes far more effort to read a review than to watch an actual short. So what are you waiting for? Just go watch this short, fore it's truly a great and wonderful one.

This is another great high quality short by Bulent Ozdemir, on different levels. It isn't too often that I want to watch a short again right after I have finished watching it but this one managed just that.

But there's a very good reason for it really. Beauty about this short is that it gives you the feeling that you have missed something the first time you watched it. Not that this is an over-complicated and convoluted short to watch but it's one that doesn't lay everything out for you. It tells its story through its visuals, just as much as through its narrative, which is something most filmmakers often forget about.

While watching it, i couldn't help but think of a Michelangelo Antonioni movie. Antonioni was a master at letting the audience work and more or less forced them to put things together for themselves, in their own minds. This movie does the same thing, only in the time span of just a few minutes. There is also no right or wrong way how you could interpret this movie, in my opinion.

It's also a great looking movie, with some very good cinematography and a nice editing style. Truly an atmospheric piece of work, that's a both professionally looking and feeling one.

I also liked the main actor Andrew Dowbiggin in this, who suited his role perfectly. Even though the short is only a couple of minutes long, or short, or whatever, he still displays a variety of emotions and his character goes through some interesting transitions, that he handles well.

A very recommendable short, that is a well made and interesting one.


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