It apparently only have been a couple of months since I had seen the first installment "Revelation Road: The Beginning of the End" but I basically remember very little about it. But whatever that first movie must have done wrong, this one got right, since I actually quite liked and enjoyed watching this movie, despite of its religious themes and propaganda.

Whether you are a Christian or not, you have to admit that most faith based movies just aren't very good ones. They are cheap looking, with most of the time some bad acting and predictable story lines in it. And while this is not a great movie by any means, it at least is a pretty good looking and well made one, that also offers plenty of excitement and surprises in it.

It's not like this movie features or very solid or engaging main plot in it though. As a matter of fact; that's the one main thing lacking from this movie. I don't really know what the main character is trying to do or achieve and I don't really know or understand who all of these other people are and what their story is exactly. It's never really clear what the main goal of this movie is supposed to be, other than 'spreading the word of God' and be religious propaganda.

One of the things that also always bother me about movies dealing with the rapture is that there never is a sense of panic or despair in any of them. People instead seem to be happy and treat it like the most glorious thing that ever happened to them, even though God 'took away' a lot of their loved ones. Life simply goes on, which is also one of the reasons why I liked the movie "Rapture-Palooza" so much. It poked perfect fun at all of this.

But really, out of all the faith based movies that I have seen thus far, this probably is the best one. It's a quality movie that look at, that never bores with anything or starts to drag due to all of its religious themes. It isn't all preachy in a preachy kind of way, which makes this movie definitely less annoying to watch than most other religious movies out there. It's not really necessary for you to be a believer, in order to enjoy watching this movie, though it of course helps if you are a Christian already.

Really don't think that this movie is going to convert anyone to Christianity but I sincerely do believe that Christians themselves will really enjoy watching this movie, as will some non-believers, since it isn't constantly all in your face with its religious themes.


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