It really doesn't matter whether you have seen the previous 2 Outpost movies or not. I don't remember all that much about the first two movies but I still remember enough about them to know that this movie is hardly connected to either of them. They only share the same main concept; Nazi-zombies.

Well, zombie-ish creatures anyway. The kind of creatures you normally will only find on Wolfenstein type of video games. And this movie very much feels like a video game as well. It's basically about a bunch of soldiers, trapped in a German underground bunker, during WW II, while experimental creatures get set loose to get them. If that sounds just awesome to you, then by all means, see this movie! If it doesn't, then better stay away from it, since it's not like this movie has an awful lot more to offer than just a bunch of creatures and Nazis versus a bunch of Soviet soldiers, running through hallways, going from the one room to the next one, just like a video game would be constructed.

These type of movies always sound awesome (at least to me they do) but they actually more often than not don't work out as anything great or all that fun to watch. This movie is different though. As nonsensical and simplistic as it is, I had a good time with it. Perhaps it's actually thanks to its simplicity that it works out as well as it does. There aren't any distractions to its story and it's a truly straightforward one, that isn't ever attempting to elaborate- or make sense of things too much. This works out pleasantly for its entertainment and it's good to see that while the movie perhaps isn't taking its story too seriously, it's still is taking itself serious enough and isn't ever playing things deliberately goofy and over-the-top.

It uses its budget well. This movie of course didn't had a terribly large budget to spend but it's never a terrible or cheap looking one. Because its mostly being set underground and at the same locations, it manages to save a lot of money, while still looking perfectly fine and atmospheric. It besides features some pretty enjoyable gore in it, that's good looking as well. So all good news for the horror lovers out there, even though this of course never becomes a scary or truly tense movie to watch.

Of course it's not a great movie but it does entertain, without ever really exaggerating things and playing things deliberately bad and silly. Just a nice little entertaining movie, that's definitely way better and more enjoyable than just the average 'Nazi-zombie genre' attempt.


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