Sometimes you are just in a mood to laugh. And what better thing to watch then than a Jackass movie. Jackass its humor and immature have always brought me joy and laughter but I have to admit. I kind of felt let down by this movie.

Out of all three Jackass movies, this one definitely is my personal least favorite. I like the Jackass formula, I like the Jackass guys, so why didn't I just like this movie as well? As crazy as some of the stunts were, it just never struck the right chord with me. It just doesn't feel as edgy anymore all of it and everything is a bit too random and there isn't a good enough balance in the movie. There aren't really any returning segments and the movie instead feels like you are watching a marathon and compilation of different random Jackass episodes, rather than an actual theater release, with a $20.000.000 budget behind it.

And as crazy as some of the stunts are, it doesn't ever comes across like the guys are raising the bar with anything. No wonder, I mean they all got older and most of them were getting close to their 40's already at the time and had a wife and kids, waiting for them back home. It's not like they suddenly turned soft but it does that they stuck too much to familiar grounds and also rather go for gross out humor, than actual stunts. And gross out humor never have been my favorite thing about the Jackass series and movies, so it just didn't work out too well for me.

I bet the 3D was fun to watch in theaters though. It uses its 3D in some very creative and clever ways, which actually adds to the comedy and just overall experience. This movie arguably still features the best use of 3D ever but that's about the biggest and only real compliment that I can give this movie.

Sure, it's still fun to watch and I also laughed at parts but I actually mostly didn't, which is very unusual for me, whenever watching anything Jackass related.


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