Somehow I don't think anybody ever had this type of movie in mind when the 'space thriller' genre was invented. It's a refreshingly original and also very creative movie, that for most part is being a great one as well.

From a technical viewpoint, this probably is the best movie of the year. I'm not just talking about the visuals and special effects but also the way this movie was shot. The movie feels like all of it is one big long shot, which of course isn't true but the movie successfully creates the illusion. A real accomplishment, also especially when considering how this movie constantly combines green screen effects with real actors and some more practical effects. I wouldn't be surprised if the planning and preparing for this movie took way, way longer than the actual filming and post-production of it.

But most of the people probably aren't going to notice this because of the simple fact that they will be too engrossed into the movie. It's a gripping tale of survival, that combines classic genre elements such as desolation, claustrophobia and danger and suspense, only all placed at some very original settings. With its themes you can still compare this movie to a lot of other genre movies but fact still remains that this at all times remains a very original movie, all throughout, even though some of the story developments all feel a bit too familiar and predictable, in my opinion.

With its themes, settings and storytelling, this movie reminded me the most of "Life of Pi". And just like "Life of Pi", you can also choose to read as much into this movie if you want to, or simply take it as a straightforward survival tale, like I did. But I can understand why some people would still be able to take far more out of this movie as well. It's filled with some, mostly subtle, symbolism, that also implies that the movie is trying to say more with its story at times. But really, don't be scared off by any of this, since like I said, you can still simply take this movie as a straightforward survival story as well and 'enjoy' the experience just as much!

It does a good job with handling all of the tension and create a good atmosphere for this movie. This of course is mostly due to its nightmarish sounding concept of being adrift in space. Truly stuff that will give some people nightmares and besides, the movie constantly comes up with some new and creative things to keep things going and interesting. There is never a boring moment in this movie and it constantly keeps you on the edge of your seat, also since you know that there absolutely is no guarantee that things are ever going to end well for its characters and actually all odds are against them.

An original but above all things also very effective, technically well made movie, that is definitely worth seeing!


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