Here's another movie that made me go; so what!? I just don't see the purpose of this movie or what point it is trying to make. It isn't a terrible movie but still one that feels utterly pointless and therefore just isn't a very recommendable one.

Maybe I'm missing something here. Maybe there was a deeper meaning behind all of the multiple different story lines and characters but somehow I actually doubt that's the case. The movie never feels like it's pretending to be more than what it's already showing and telling you. I don't think there is supposed to be a deeper meaning behind this movie and it's simply trying to be a sweet, quiet and somewhat quirky little movie.

And on some levels, this movie still works. It's not without its charm and it really isn't an unpleasant one to watch. It's more lighthearted than heavy or serious and all of the characters are somewhat likable as well, though I don't feel that I ever truly got to know any of them. Their thoughts and true feelings are hidden from its viewers, for most part of the movie, which does in fact makes the movie a bit of a shallow one.

Not only the character development and handling feels lacking but also the story. The storytelling always makes it seem and feel like the movie is building up toward something but in the end, none of the story lines are ever really going anywhere. Nothing really gets resolved by the end of this movie and it feels like it's constantly running in circles, instead of ever moving forward with its story.

But still, I had a good time watching this movie. It's slow but it's never boring. It has a good certain cuteness to it and I liked some of its quirkiness but overall the lack of story and interesting developments and the way it was handling its characters at times still make me look upon this movie as a far from successful or recommendable one.


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