This movie is just as lame as it title suggests.

I just can't see how anybody could ever enjoy this movie. It's one of those modern horror movies, made on a shoestring budget, that does absolutely nothing original. But what's worse than that is that it isn't doing a whole lot of things right in general to begin with.

It isn't really gory, it isn't filled with any good tension or mystery, so as a horror movie it's incredibly lacking. The movie doesn't really have a good build up to anything and moments that are supposed to shock or surprise are handled extremely poorly. It's kind of awkward, the way how amateurish this movie looks and feels at times.

Of course there also isn't much to the story. What's somewhat annoying about it is that it's for most part treated as a whodunit but in the end, it really doesn't matter 'whodunit', since the movie really isn't explaining anything or bother to even elaborate on anything, which also included the killer(s) motivation. So every other random character might as well could have turned out to be the killer and it wouldn't have changed much about its story or the eventual outcome of the movie. Maybe, just maybe, I would have liked this movie better if it was a more straightforward and generic slasher. At least that way I perhaps could have seen some nice, gory killings, which would have provided the movie with some more entertainment.

You won't care for the story but you also most definitely won't care for any of the characters that are in it. They make such ludicrous decisions and are basically so poorly written and portrayed in this movie that it's hard to ever care for anyone. Some of the actors are ridiculously bad in this, which would have been fine for a more silly type of movie but this one is actually trying to be a somewhat more serious genre attempt, for most part of it.

There really is no good reason why you should ever watch this movie in the first place!


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