How can I judge this movie? I'm clearly not a 12-year old boy anymore and it's hard to say whether or not 12-year old nowadays are going to like this movie. I need to be fair and probably say yes, they should be able to enjoy this movie on at least some levels. But is it a great movie? Far from it!

It obviously isn't the most original movie around. You can already tell by just looking at the cover and by reading the title of this movie that it's one that 'borrows' heavily from other already existing- and very well known adventure movies and popular children movie franchises. And indeed, the movie is doing very little original of its own and it's also far from the most creative or imaginative children adventure movie you can watch. It features a very simplistic and basic story in it, that perhaps still serves its purpose well enough but isn't ever providing the movie with any true exciting moments or surprises.

Like I said, young kids are probably still going to like the adventure aspects of this movie. It features young kids as the main 'heroes', is set at adventurous and exotic locations and involves a time traveling plot line. In other words, plenty to enjoy for kids in this movie, as long as they are not too demanding. For the movie is offering very little else actually. The acting is not great, there really isn't all that much good humor and the movie itself has a sort of cheap look to it, with also some lackluster action.

Seems that this movie also had been laying around for a while, since all of the kids in this look to be around 12-14 years old, while the actors who portray them are all already adults by now, or very close to it. It's of course never a good sign when a movie has been laying around for that long but in this case it however doesn't mean that the movie itself is a totally terrible one.

It's perhaps trying a bit too hard to be a family friendly movie. It's extremely black & white with all of its moral themes and characters and another thing that was distracting about the movie were its Christian themes. At least it isn't all in your face with it all the time but it still comes across as pretty pointless and random all, making it very distracting.

I feel that this is still a decent enough movie for young kids to watch. Really can't say there is anything great or original about it but it's still watchable for those who are young and like their adventure movies clean and family friendly.


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