And the award for most generic horror movie title goes to...But that's just how director/writer Andrew Jones rolls. He takes a formulaic movie title, compiled from well known, already existing, horror titles, hoping that it's going to attract some extra viewers. A cheap and lame thing to do of course and besides something that this movie really didn't needed. It was pretty solid on its own, till things started to fall apart toward the end.

Thing about this movie is that's 'borrowing' heavily from some well known genre classics and there basically is absolutely nothing new or original about this movie. But it handles all of its formulaic ingredients and clich├ęs pretty well, so it really wasn't too big of a complaint from me in this case. It felt like a well made movie, that besides was a pretty good looking- and acted out one.

Normally these type of movies feature some pretty bad young actors in it but Sophia Del Pizzo plays a pretty good and also likable main character! Perhaps it's all simply because she plays a very normal girl and not some sort of sex-crazed teen, who loves to party and drink all night and day and gets freaked out by every little sound or other strange occurrence.

The first half of the movie is basically all build up but the problem with the movie is that there is never a satisfying enough pay off as well. The pay off is quite weak actually. The moment the movie gets set out of the asylum as well, it's definitely becoming a lesser one to watch. All of the story developments are weak and just not all that interesting and besides, most of them are going absolutely nowhere. I really wasn't fond of the movie its final 30 minutes and it also ruined quite a bit for me.

Also please don't watch this movie expecting to get a lot of scares or gore from it. It's trying to be a more subtle horror movie, which is fine really. It definitely made this movie better to watch than the average genre attempt, in which people end up dead every 15 minutes and is filled with lame, predictable, jump scares. It's the main reason why I'm still willing to give this movie a pass, though it's not one that I can wholeheartedly recommend to anyone.

A movie with an above average first half, that almost gets entirely ruined by a much weaker second one.


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