It's like "Brokeback Mountain"!...Minus the sex...and sheep.

Yes, so here we have yet another movie that you probably need to be in the right mood for to fully enjoy and appreciate it. It's an independent movie and also one of the more art-house kinds, meaning that it's not just for everything. Not that the movie is ever turning into an 'odd', difficult, or overly artistic one but it's more the type of movie that's being different with its storytelling and characters.

It's a subtle and slowly told movie, that however is going by really fast! I was actually surprised how fast this movie went by, which means that it was a pleasant watch, with a well flowing story, that kept my interest.

It's a movie that mostly gets carried by just its two main leads, whore are forced to pretty much live together because of their work, hence the "Brokeback Mountain" comparison. They are two, seemingly very different, persons, who ultimately have more in common than they are probably willing to admit. It besides is a movie in which we watch these two men start to bond and grow further toward each other, once they truly start to open up. It's not as melodramatic or serious as it all sounds. It's atmosphere, acting and way of storytelling ensures that this movie at all times remains a pleasant and light one to watch, that still not without its deeper layers and meanings of course.

Since it's a movie that all about it's characters, it of course is an important thing that this movie also features some good and likable actors in it. And luckily both Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch are pretty good and likable in this. Paul Rudd is actually one of the most likable comedians that's out there in my opinion, probably because he's such a perfectly normal, everyday, looking guy but I have to admit, that I liked Emile Hirsch even better in this, which had everything to do with his character though. His character was the best written and most likable one in my opinion, though I'm sure that some people are going to disagree and say the same things about the Paul Rudd character instead. It's a matter of opinion really and who you are able to relate to the most. But that's also the beauty of these type of movies; everyone is going to take something different out of them and enjoy them on totally different levels.

It uses its atmosphere and settings well! It helps to set the right tone for the movie and helps the story to move along, with its pleasant, 'simplistic' and minimalistic visuals and a good pace. It's a well told and directed movie. It perhaps isn't the best or deepest genre movie but it definitely is one of the more pleasant ones to watch!


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