Main reason why I wanted to see this movie was because I got a "Basket Case" type of vibe from it. And the movie indeed is a throwback movie to the trashy '80's. Sometimes it works really well and entertainingly for the movie but I still can't say that this is a great movie. But then again, so wasn't "Basket Case"!

It's deliberately going over the top with all of its situations, characters, horror and comedy. Good thing about this is that it however never feels too forced. You get the feeling that this movie really was made out of love and respect for the trashy bad- but very entertaining '80's genre movies. The film-makers clearly understood what made those movies so fun and perfect to watch over and over again, no matter how bad and silly things could get at times. They picked a silly concept and never pretended the movie to be anything more than just a silly, entertaining flick. This however also means that the movie remains stuck at the same level, pretty much all throughout. There aren't any real standout moments and it also isn't a movie that ever surprises with anything, story-wise.

In some ways it's a very imaginative movie but in others it's actually lacking in creativity. It isn't ever heading into any interesting directions with its story and some of its developments are poorly handled. It makes the overall movie and story a pretty simplistic one, which perhaps comes as no surprise but it nevertheless is something that ultimately is making this movie a fairly bland and forgettable one, unfortunately.

Perhaps it all also has to do with the fact that the movie its horror just isn't anything all that special. It probably was the most disappointing aspect about this movie for me personally. There is plenty of blood but yet the movie never turns into a very gory or graphic one. Milo himself also doesn't exactly look like- or ever acts like a destructive, monstrous, main villain for the movie. Sure he kills but never any really innocent persons, or random bystanders. It also never feels like our 'main hero' is ever in danger, from anything or anyone, which obviously isn't working too well for the movie its tension.

To be honest, I was really loving the movie at first, with its typical '80's music and goofy characters and crazy situations. I thought I was in for a real treat and a great throwback movie but the movie just never really developed into a great one with anything, Sure, it's still perfectly fun all but it never lives up to its potential, for this movie definitely had far more potential in it!

The most fun aspect about this movie are arguable its actors, or rather said their performances. Ken Marino is a great and fun, almost Bruce Campbell like, leading man for this movie but all of the secondary characters are even more fun to watch. It features the likes of Patrick Warburton and Peter Stormare, who are always great to watch in anything!

It's fun and despite everything, still a pretty decent throwback movie, as long as you're not expecting the most effective, goriest, creative or original of movies.


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