Forget about low budget horror. Forget about low budget action. Forget about low budged science-fiction! Low budget westerns are the absolute worst movies to watch out there, nowadays!

This movie literally has almost nothing to do with cinema or film-making. It is...well, something. Just a bunch of guys running around in cowboy outfits, with a camera pointed at them. There is no real noticeable budget but the thing that is way worse is that there is no noticeable script either.

Seriously, are these movies shot without a finished script? There is no real story to latch onto and just after finishing watching this movie, I'm still puzzled as to what the actual story was supposed to be all about. A whole bunch of different characters show up but I have no idea who they are or what they want, simply because the movie doesn't bother to tell. Or perhaps I should rather say, this movie has absolutely no idea how to tell you anything. The storytelling is absolutely atrocious and some of the worst I have ever come across. It doesn't set up anything, all of the characters are extremely poorly developed and handled and it isn't ever building up toward anything that seems even remotely interesting or exciting, in any way or form.

Hard to imaging actual money got spend on this movie. It certainly doesn't look like it. It looks like an amateur project, that got shot at a back-lot somewhere, made by people without any real training or experience in the business. The costumes are cheap looking, the props are cheap looking and the overall look of the movie is quite terrible to be frank. It doesn't ever look or feels like a true western, which is all not just due to its look but also its music, dialog, acting and directing.

None of the actors are great in this but what was bothering me all the more about the casting was that the guy who played 'Billy the Kid' looked older than his mother and about 5 years young than the guy who was supposed to be his father. He besides isn't ever a likable character in the movie, which I also really blame the actor and casting for and not just the script or movie its director. The movie also gives us absolutely no reason to root for him, though he arguable also isn't the main character of the movie, which is an odd thing for a movie titled "Billy the Kid".

Best thing I can say about this movie is that it's not quite as bad as Christopher Forbes' previous western "Cole Younger & The Black Train", which was absolutely one of the worst movies that I have ever seen, without exaggerating one bit.


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4 reacties:

  1. I watched this. It is every bit as bad as you say it is and I agree with everything you say. However, I wished you wrote a more entertaining review, since we've already wasted enough time on it.

  2. They made this movie for under $10..00 any more than that it was wasted. And to think I rented this.

  3. Worst critic ever ... this was way below a 2. The acting was a joke, at best it must have been unpaid work.