For a Filipino production (like I know what an average Filipino production looks like) this is a pretty good and in some regards even pretty impressive one!

It at first sight may seem like a pretty straightforward and simplistic kidnapping movie but luckily the movie finds plenty of ways to keep its story and characters constantly interesting and even somewhat original to watch and follow all.

Thing I liked about this movie was how it blurred the lines between good and evil. Lets just say that not everything is what it seems and not everything and everyone in this movie is handled in a black or white type of way. It brings some extra dimensions to its story and characters and besides ensures that the movie isn't ever becoming too predictable or formulaic with anything.

Still can't say that it's a perfect movie though. It pretty much remains stuck between being a movie with a more realistic type of approach and one that has some Hollywood type of developments and vibes to it. The movie never seems able to decide what it wants to be exactly. It makes the movie a bit of an unbalanced one at times and also not all of the developments work out as either something credible or effective enough.

But really, it still is a very good movie to watch! This also is really because the movie is a great one to look at. It has a nice gritty style to it and it overall is a well directed movie by Ron Morales, who prior to this movie had worked on some big Hollywood productions as well, in the camera and electrical department. That perhaps is why this movie feels like a very slick and professional movie, rather than one that got done by an inexperienced director, which Ron Morales in fact still is (this only is his second directed movie).

A nice, little, recommendable genre movie, from the Philippines.


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