This movie really reminded me of all those political thrillers that got done in the '90's. And guess what? I never really liked political '90's thrillers! The type of movies that were always more about its talking than its 'action', so to speak. But aside from that, this also truly is one extremely poorly done genre movie, that really has no redeeming qualities about it.

First of all, it's a very formulaic movie, so nothing ever comes as a surprise and it keeps playing by the numbers. It brings nothing new to the table, which already is making this an incredibly redundant and pointless movie to watch.

But the movie still could have been an OK one, if that would have been its only- or main problem. But thing that makes this movie a nearly unwatchable one is the fact that it's an extremely poorly told one. The movie itself seems to think that it has a real clever plot and all of its dialog is extremely well written, while in fact all of it is quite the opposite really. It's annoyingly bad even and the movie never has a pleasant pace or build up to it either.

The movie never spends enough time with its main characters. Instead it seems to more interest in focusing on a whole bunch of other people, which only provides the movie with some overlong, dragging, sequences and too many needless distractions from its main story and characters.

There is never any good tension or mystery to be found in this movie, so as a thriller it falls incredibly short. All of the 'twist' are either something totally ridicules, or something that you should have seen coming from miles away.

Most of the acting is also quite terrible really. Sean Patrick Flanery does a really poor Michael Madsen impression and Kristanna Loken should stick to Uwe Boll movies! But at least they are still not as bad as the extras in this, who's performances were often toe cringing bad!

Just do yourself a favor and forget this movie even exists.


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