Horror anthology movies are great fun to watch but they also often suffer from the exact some problems. It has some great segments, some OK ones and then some that are just plain bad. That's also the case with this movie till some extent.

I honestly don't remember all that much about the first "V/H/S" movie but if I remember things correctly, it started off absolutely great and promising but started to fizzle out toward its end. Not all of the individual segments were equally as strong, as also is the case for this movie. However, thing that saves this movie and still makes an a real good one to watch is the order the segments are shown in.

I was kind of worried at the start of the movie, since the first two segments were basically being some very standard, generic ones. Nothing too bad or horrible about them but I wasn't exactly feeling any of the horror and they were besides lacking true creativity, in my opinion. Yeah sure, a zombie POV story still sounds kind of awesome and original but it are still zombies and there's only so much you can do with it. However as the movie progressed, the movie its separate stories definitely started to gradually show some improvements and became more and more engaging and effective ones to watch.

The later stories in this movie are definitely the better ones. They are all less predictable and formulaic as the ones shown at the start of the movie and some of them offer some great surprises and horror moments in them. Definitely great to see the movie end with a blast, which leaves you hungry for more. No doubt we'll also get to see more "V/H/S" movies in the near future, not in the least also because they are very cheap, easy and fast movies to make, due to its concept and the people who are involved with it.

Horror lovers should definitely be able to appreciate and enjoy this movie. It has some great variety in it, with all sorts of very different horror ingredients, that most of the time work out very well. All of the segments are really well made and fine looking ones, despite the fact that its script definitely feels lacking at times, for some of its segments.


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