Help me out here, how come this movie liked so much? From a horror perspective, it was a really bad movie, all across the board, in my opinion.

Seems that most people like this movie because it's an original take on the genre. But a different and original take doesn't make your horror movie necessarily an effective and good one to watch as well.

That probably was the biggest problem with this movie for me; it really wasn't a very effective one. It never felt creepy, in either a tense or mysterious kind of way. It besides was lacking scares and even the gore was disappointing in my opinion. I don't know, I can't really put my finger on it as to why but the gore looked terribly fake to me. There was something about the blood that just wasn't looking right. Don't know it it was the color or its consistency, or maybe just the fact that basically all characters get covered in so much blood, that it just starts to look ineffective after a while.

Another huge problem for me was the movie its villain, played by Luke Evans. This definitely seemed like the type of movie that would have benefited more from having a monstrous/supernatural type of evil villain or perhaps a more of a nameless/faceless Michael Myers type of character. Luke Evans is just too 'human' in this like to ever become scary or effective enough as a villain/killer.

I also wasn't too crazy about its story. It seemed like a pretty straightforward and simplistic type of story but the movie tries to let things seem more complex and surprising, by only telling you- and explaining you things sporadicly. It just wasn't really working for me. I would instead have preferred it if the movie spend some more time on developing its characters and provide some more background information to its story instead. It wouldn't have just given the movie some more depth but it would have made things better and certainly also more interesting to watch as well. There was just never a real sense of danger or fright in this movie, all mostly due to the fact that this wasn't a terribly engaging movie to watch, which tot in the least was also due to the way the characters responded to certain situations.

I have to say that the acting was pretty weak in this one. Yes, even by normal genre standards. It doesn't matter what gruesome things happen, or who gets killed, the characters all continue to do some stupid and selfish things. Granted, that most of this is due to the way how this movie is written and directed but the actors themselves also completely fail to convey any sort of emotions, during the movie its supposedly tense and gruesome moments.

Just another low budget horror flick, that isn't really worth your time, no matter whether you are really into the genre or not.


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