All of these Jason Statham movies sort of start to blend together after a while. He always looks the same, he always sounds the same and he just always plays the same sort of character, in all of his movies. To some extent, that's also true for this movie, though at the same time it's also still being a different enough movie. Different, in this case, doesn't equal good however.

This movie definitely feels more British-like than American-like. With that I mean that it's being a more subtle and quiet type of 'acton' movie, that's more about its characters and underlying themes and emotions. So it really isn't an overblown Hollywood genre flick, with tons of explosions, shootouts and chase scenes, though I definitely wouldn't have minded this movie being just a tad bit more Hollywood like, with its action, story and characters at times. That way, I would have most likely been entertained more, as I was with the current movie.

It's not necessarily a bore- or snorfest but it still definitely is a bit of a too slow movie at times. 30 minutes in and the movie still hasn't really picked up a good main plot line. For the longest time it's actually hard to tell where the story is heading at, since it makes all kinds of jumps and turns. And not the type of jumps and turns that add to the movie its mystery or tension but the jumps and turns that feel kind of pointless and confusing instead.

I can definitely see what this movie was trying to do and achieve with its story approach and atmosphere but unfortunately it failed, on most levels. First and foremost, it fails to delver an engaging enough story. There isn't really any good mystery, there isn't any good tension and the Statham character never becomes an interesting enough one, despite all of the movie its hard efforts.

Not trying to sound too harsh abut this movie, since it's definitely still a 'watchable' enough one. It never gets terrible, though some people are most definitely still going to feel bored with it. However those who are more able to like and appreciate a slower and more subtle type of action movie, there still is some enjoyment to take out of this movie.

Not the worst movie you'll ever see but not exactly the most effective one either.


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