Just say no to this movie. It's a cheap looking and poorly made one, that doesn't provide enough entertainment, not even for those who are really into the genre.

To be frank, I had not idea what was going on in this movie its story. Guess all you need to know and understand about it is that it involves a bunch of warriors, in ancient times, traveling from point A to B, while fighting off a bunch of other warriors. But how, why and who is all a bit puzzling to me. I don't know why they have to travel or what their quest is all about and I have no idea who all these people are, that are trying to stop them.

Perhaps this movie would have been a better and easier to understand one if I actually did care about the movie. But the movie gave me absolutely no reason to ever care for anyone or anything in this and the movie never became an engaging or remotely interesting one to watch. Instead, the movie is constantly repeating itself, without ever surprising you.

The story is just a bit too simple and straightforward, even while I never really knew what was going on in it. It's too simple and straightforward in the sense that it's all about its main characters and has no good side-plots or secondary characters. This movie for instance could have used a better villain and villainous plot, to spice things up a little bit more and make things more entertaining and interesting as well to watch. All that happens in this movie is that, every once in a while, a bunch of people pop up to give our 'heroes' a hard time and try to kill them. It's far too repetitive, making this movie even a bit of a bore, despite the fact that it has plenty of fighting and other action in it.

Of course a lot of it is due to budget reasons but that's no excuse for not trying to be a bit more creative and divers. It's simply the writing that's mostly lacking, as also becomes very apparent with the movie its extremely poor dialog. It's one of those movies, that despite the fact it's taking place sometime around 2,000 years ago, is featuring modern type of dialog in it, with characters using modern swear words and even a dubstep soundtrack to support all of the movie its action scenes.

You should also give the movie some credit. I mean after all, even though it most likely got made with just an handful of money and has an obvious cheap look to it, it still is somewhat of a convincing looking one. It helps that the movie is mostly being set outdoors and during the nighttime but that's what I mean with trying to be creative with limited resources. It at least got some things right and it also most definitely isn't the worst movie I have ever seen. It also has plenty of action in it, though I wish I could also say that it was some entertaining- and well filmed action.

Just not worth your time.


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5 reacties:

  1. You have a grim outlook on the way you see movies. This review shows your lack of reasoning and how you spend more time writing the review than you do watching the movie.

  2. "Just say no... 4/10."

  3. Movie is cool. (y)

  4. Did they screen this movie in a 5th grade classroom?

  5. Here here. Agree with Anonymous. The reviewer is a dimwit!!!!!