And in the category of utterly pointless is yet another glorious example!

I have no idea what this movie was trying to say- or achieve with its concept. Guess that the main idea behind is to show that getting old and living at a retirement home isn't all THAT bad. It however does it by featuring a whole bunch of incredibly immature pensioners, doing a bunch of unrelated and stupid stuff. Nothing cute or funny about it really and most definitely not ever realistic, so the point that the movie is trying to make- and the message it's trying to send out falls incredibly flat.

It's really a messy movie to watch, without a real main plot line in it. It feels all over the place! At the start it seems like it's going to center around the J.K. Simmons character, who is planning to spend some time at a retirement home, talking to a bunch of old geezers, in preparations for a movie role, while he lets a camera follow him around. So the movie at the start has a sort of mockumentary approach and style to it but this actually quickly gets abandoned, as the movie begins to focus more on its residents. As a matter of fact, J.K. Simmons is hardly in this movie at all. I would say that he's only in 30% of the movie, which is a bit odd, seeing how the movie is supposedly supposed to be all about his character and the research he's conducting.

Funny thing though about J.K. Simmons and his character in this movie is that his character feels more or less obligated to say yes to the role of old geezer because the script for the movie is written by his brother in law, while in real life the only reason why he probably said yes to this movie in the first place was because his wife directed it and his real life brother in law wrote it. It probably is the only real funny thing about this movie, once you learn about it.

The movie its comedy mostly relies on its dialog, which at the same time is one of the movie its biggest problems. It just isn't very funny or any witty type of dialog. Besides, you can see most of the jokes coming from miles away already and it's just a tad bit too simplistic all. And also besides, as I said before, the movie is filled with only some incredibly unrelated and random moments in it, so it never feels like you are watching a movie that is progressing and in which its characters continue to grow and develop.

Guess one of the pros of being married to an Hollywood celebrity is that you are able to get all sorts of well known faces and names to show up for your movie. This movie is also filled with many cameos, by some well known actors, such as Tim Allen, Kevin Pollak and Breckin Meyer. But does it add anything? Well, it mostly adds to the absolute randomness of this movie, so I can't really say that it adds much good.

A mess of a movie and therefore also an absolutely terrible one to watch!


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2 reacties:

  1. You should learn to write in proper English before starting a blog.

  2. I think your review was actually being nice to this 'movie'.
    This assemblage of crap really shouldn't be called "a movie". Well, I guess technically it is... images did move. But it may rank as one of the worst movies with Hollywood actors ever. It really felt like something some 14 year olds would make on a video camera before getting bored of 'moviemaking' and playing video games instead.