Normally these sort of movies can still make me laugh, no matter how bad and childish they are with all of its comedy. This movie...well, it's just a plain bad one!

All of the main characters in this movie are extremely obese, so of course the movie has a ton of fat and food jokes in it. Unfortunately that's about all this movie has to offer, so it's definitely a bit too much of an one note movie. Besides, nothing funny about using such a serious and big (no pun intended) problem as obesity, to get a few cheap laughs, like it's no big or serious issue at all.

At the start, the movie still makes some attempts to follow a plot but as the movie progresses it becomes more and more confusing and muddled. For most part, this movie isn't really following a main plot line and when it does, it too often doesn't make any logical sense. Even too much for a comedy of this sort. It believes that silly and nonsensical equals funny but the film-makers obviously still have a lot to learn about comedy.

Worst thing that could happen to any sort of comedy, is when it fails to be funny. It completely ruins the movie and destroys any sort of potential it still had in it. No matter how good the actors are, when the material is weak, your movie just isn't going to be funny. And that's definitely the case with this movie, with still as a difference that the actors in this movie aren't all that great either.

Highlights of these sort of comedies often are its cameos but even in this movie that's a bit of a disappointing and weak aspect. Eric Roberts is mostly annoying with his fake, lame accent and Tommy 'Tiny' Lister probably was the only remotely funny thing about this movie and he was only in it for like 30 seconds.

Good thing about the movie is that it never annoyed or angered me, so I'm not totally hating on it, or calling it a completely unwatchable one. It just happens to be so that it manages to get absolutely nothing right, which is making this a terribly ineffective comedy.


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  1. Terrific Review... It didn't make you mad or annoy you? I would like to review your review, and give you a 1/10 for telling us nothing, other than movies make you mad. Genius.

    Anyway, I thought the movie was pretty funny. I am not overly PC though so the fact that the film hits on obesity, and other stereotypes made me laugh. It'll probably be illegal in America soon, as we are no longer allowed to offend anyone and have lost our sense of humor about ourselves.

    "Laugh now, die later..."