Wasn't expecting much from this movie but as it turned out, it was a pretty decent one! It has a good concept and an equally good approach and feeling to it.

The movie has a very fresh feeling to it. I won't say that this movie has a terribly original or complicated story but fact is that it handles everything very well and in an effectively way. It creates suspense, builds up tension and just basically handles all of its thriller and mystery elements very well.

The movie even has a somewhat old fashioned horror tone and atmosphere to it, especially when it still looked like this movie was turning into a good old fashioned whodunit and featured a serial killer in it. As the movie progressed the story and approach of the movie sort of started to change and shift but that's not a complaint, since the movie remained a good and suspenseful one to watch, once the story started to shift a bit.

Granted that sometimes it takes awhile before something happens and it has a kind of slow buildup to it at the start but I just can't all this movie a boring one as well. Perhaps it's also thanks to the characters that this movie remains engaging, even when not an awful lot is happening in the story.

I have to give this movie lots of credit. I mean, this is the sort of movie that's almost entirely set in just a few small train compartments, with just an handful of characters involved. Yet it still manages to do and achieve a lot, with just its simple concept and its few characters who are in it.

Also despite the fact that this of course was a fairly cheap movie to make, it never has a cheap or B-movie like look and quality to it. It's a pretty good looking movie actually, with a nice and pleasant overall atmosphere to it. It isn't too heavy on its action but when it does feature some action, it's all some good looking and well done action as well!

A surprisingly good and enjoyable little movie to watch!


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