All things considering, this movie could have been a lot worse!

A movie with a title such as "Garbage" should already raise a few eyebrows, especially when you read what its concept is all about. But in all fairness, the movie is a pretty decent and cute one within its genre.

it isn't the silly type of comedy that you perhaps expect this movie to be. Won't say that it's a subtle one as well but still, the movie never goes overboard with its comedy and doesn't go for the cheap, simple and predictable sort of laughs. It puts a bit more effort into it than, lets say, the average genre movie of this caliber.

It's simply an enjoyable and cute sort of movie, with some likable characters. The main premise of the movie isn't all that original but I have to say that it handles its concept well and does a good job with its storytelling. There are a few things in it that they could have explored a bit further and better but on the other hand, if it did, it could have potentially provided the movie with some needless and pointless distractions, so perhaps it's a positive thing that this movie remains mostly a simple and underdeveloped one.

I also liked the settings of the movie. It was a pretty good and clever move to let this movie take place in the middle of Hollywood, where tons of celebrities from the movie industry live. Some of them even appear in this movie, in some small cameos, as themselves (Michael Madsen, Daryl Hannah, William Baldwin, Steven Bauer, etcetera). Because the movie is set in Hollywood but the story is seen and told through the eyes of garbage men, the movie turns into a bit of a parody of Hollywood and some of its celebrities, without having to truly ridicule anything or anyone. Just some small references and quick pieces of dialog are enough for this movie and its comedy.

The acting was also pretty decent. The two main leads, Jed Rees and Jon Huck, aren't the best know actors but they simply did a good job with their roles and the comedy. Besides, they are convincing buddies, even though they have some very different personalities. Some of the other character remain a bit too much in the background but that's not a big issue, since its two main leads are perfectly capable of carrying this movie on their own.

Just go ahead and give this movie a shot. It's a pretty fun one overall!


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