Ah yes, movies involving witches as the main villain/killer. While they are never really my favorite, I still welcome them. They bring something new and different to the genre, mainly the fact that the killer is a woman and the motivation is never revenge, or anything along those lines. But still, in its core even movies involving witches are some extremely formulaic ones, for those who are familiar with- and lovers of the horror genre.

The movie has a sort of original buildup to it but ultimately it still is a movie about a bunch of teenagers, going into the woods, doing some stupid things and they start getting killed one by one. In other words, some very generic stuff, that offers too little surprises.

But what's worse about it is that it just isn't a very exciting movie. As a matter of fact, it's a bit of a bore. Even during all of the killings, it remains a very lackluster movie. And it does in fact also takes a while for the killings and the movie its main villain to kick in. Before that point, the movie is an even slower and less interesting one to watch.

It's disappointing really that the movie never becomes a remotely tense or exciting one to watch. It does an extremely poor job at handling all of its horror ingredients. Also the witch itself is a disappointingly weak villain for the movie. She never comes across as an all powerful or scary villain and is lacking a good look (mainly because you never really get a good look of her, since the movie is such a dark one, plus the fact that she's played by a young, topless model). Or maybe it's also due to the way how the characters in this movie respond to her. Their fear and panic never feels real and you also never feel for the movie its characters either.

Also bad thing about the movie its characters is the way how the movie handles them. During its first half it spends plenty of time setting them up as real distance ones. But the movie completely abandons this in its second half. Suddenly everyone seems the same and everything that got setup and established during its first half gets thrown overboard. It makes you wonder what the point of the whole first half of the movie was in the first place. I was still kind of liking the movie good enough at first, despite it being slow and not THAT interesting but all of this got ruined by the movie its poorly handled second half.

So really, there is no good reason why you should ever watch this movie, not even when you like to torture yourself with bad horror.


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  1. i did watch this movie earlier today, and i did got tortured by it. first started with the little girl got kidnap, the tone and effects look like 90's movie for me. Not that it's wrong or anything, just look old. sudden;y the girl with the bike, drunk mother, maybe wants to tell us more story about her, but then it's keep hanging. just touch a little bit here, a little bit there. then, the 1st police that got killed. not sure if he scared or happy, his face expression look kind of same to me. for me, 2/10.

  2. Agreed, this movie is very slow and kinda boring. Not nearly scary enough, either. Nicely reviewed.