Seems that most people are praising this movie for its originality and effectiveness. Not me though. Sure, it's effective enough but I would hardly call this the most original or surprising movie of the year.

Maybe it's simply due to the fact that I have seen plenty of movies like this before. Well known genre movies that use a similar type of premise, such as "Phone Booth", "Panic Room" but also tons of lesser known and admittedly also lesser movies, such as "Meeting Evil", "Brake" and "The Millionaire Tour". Movie that uses a limited amount of settings and usually place one of more characters at one, fixed location, who get terrorized, that usually also involves some of the characters communication through a telephone. I know, it's not really a genre but you know the type of movies I mean.

Now, I'm not saying that this is a bad movie though. It does basically everything right but at the same time it's also still doing too little, in my opinion. I don't know, perhaps I was expecting some more twists and clever written but the movie never gave me what I was expecting and hoping for, It's just a bit too standard and formulaic all, for my liking. A typical case of a movie that's never bad or boring to watch but it just isn't ever anything that outstanding or memorable either.

I like Brad Anderson as a director. Even his lesser movies are interesting ones. Just not this one really. There are very little interesting or truly distinctive aspects about it. Nothing about this movie screams out 'Brad Anderson' to you, which is disappointing to note for the fans of his work.

But really, it remains a perfectly watchable movie, mostly due to all of its good and professional actors involved. They let the movie and all of its tension work out but it's the script that's letting them down really. And no, I'm not even complaining about the ending. Sure, it came totally out of the blue and it's probably not the most likely of endings but it at least didn't feel out of place for the movie or its characters, or anything like that.

Perfectly watchable, just not all that recommendable, in my opinion.


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