This movie...well, it exists! Can't say I loved it but also can't say that I hated it. It's a very typical genre movie, that does nothing special really but it still remains a decent enough watch.

Probably the biggest problem with the movie is that it doesn't really seem to know what it wants to be. It isn't exactly gritty and realistic enough for a serious crime thriller but at the same time it also isn't being tense or spectacular enough for a more entertaining type of genre movie. This also means that the drama of the movie falls mostly flat and the story doesn't work out as the most interesting one.

I admit that the movie even felt somewhat boring to me. And it was not like I was expecting an action flick, or faster paced type of movie, just because it had Dwayne Johnson as its main lead. No, I knew what I was in for but the movie still worked out as a tad bit too slow and dry at points, without ever becoming really interesting or clever enough with its story.

That brings me to another problem; this just isn't the most surprising genre movie you could watch. The story plays out by the numbers really and one or two plot twists could have done wonders.

I was also annoyed by t that the movie didn't really featured a clear enough main villain in it. This is the type of movie that could had used a strong villain, with a powerful screen presence (and no, I'm not asking for some sort of James Bond villain) and some evil schemes to mess things up for the movie its main characters. But no, just like the 'good boys', the 'bad boys' also remain underwritten in this and don't get an awful lot of interesting stuff to do.

You can't blame Dwayne Johnson for anything really. You also can't blame him for doing a more serious type of genre movie for a change and play a slightly more serious type of role, that doesn't require him to use and show off his muscle power all the time. He's also decent enough in this movie, in the sense that he's convincing enough playing an average family man but he of course isn't exactly the best actor out there, which sometimes becomes a bit too obvious, especially during the movie its more dramatic moments or when he has to share a scene with a far better and more experienced actor, such as Susan Sarandon, who also stars in this.

But that's all the negative stuff. Luckily the movie as a whole remains a perfectly watchable one. All of the bad and negative aspects about the movie don't ruin the overall experience, that still is a decent enough one, as long as your expectations for it aren't too high. But why should they be in the first place?


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