No, this isn't an alien invasion movie, or some action packed, B-level, movie. It's actually a dance flick, believe it or not. And not a very good one I should add.

Of course basically all dance flicks are more or less the same with their setup and main premise and rarely ever does its drama work out as anything convincing or effective but this movie is still way worse than just the average genre attempt.

First of all the dancers in this are teenagers, which is no big surprise but with teenagers I mean some very young teenagers. I'm talking about some 12-year old boys and girls (or I should rather say mostly boys dressed as girls, for some odd reason I still don't understand) and of course nothing wrong with movies featuring some young teenagers, were it not for the fact that generally speaking young kids just aren't the greatest actors or dancers yet, as this movie also clearly demonstrates. Sure they can dance but it's absolutely nothing compared to the stuff we all have seen in some other, better, similar genre movies.

Most of the dancing looks the same anyway, though this also might be due to it that they constantly kept dancing to the same music, throughout the entire movie. I'll bet they didn't had the money to buy the rights to some real good and popular dance music, so they scraped a bunch of money together to buy a bunch of cheap tracks and decided to recycle it over and over again, throughout the entire movie. Most of the time the dancing doesn't even really seem to fit the music and it's pretty obvious the 'dancers' were dancing to something totally different when they were actually shooting the movie.

The dance scenes were also shot really poorly, with constantly the same camera-angels and the movie kept making cuts, so none of the dance sequences ever came across as one, long, tight choreographed and executed dance sequence.

As you would it expect it also features a lot of the genre clich├ęs but what's bad and annoying about them is that the movie doesn't even really handle them very well. This especially is notable with the movie its more dramatic moments, that feel incredibly forced and too often feel absolutely random as well. I especially hated how things halfway through suddenly started to turn sour for the 'crew', for no good reasons really. Suddenly parents don't want their kids to dance and suddenly the head teacher doesn't want to teach anymore. And really, we all know how things are going to progress and eventually end so why even bother with creating false drama and tension for the movie. But also the way things get wrapped up and resolved seem just as random and ineffective as the drama and tension the movie tries to create throughout really. Really annoying to watch all, especially when everything plays out exactly the way you were expecting it to.

It's also annoying how this movie attempts to get all serious at times and tries to teach you about life and values and such. The dancing in this movie brings families, lovers and friends together but in the most forced and least effective way imaginable.

There is no good reason for you to ever watch this really. Not even when you're a 12-year old, who enjoys dancing.


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