It's not like this movie is featuring a bad concept, after all, we have seen it used before in some popular and successful movies but this particular movie does a very bad job at handling its story though.

It's a movie that uses the "Strangers on a Train" concept (kill for me and I'll kill for you) but it however does it in a very uninteresting and ineffective way. There is never any real tension, no good twists, no good- or likable enough characters. All mainly because the movie is lacking a decent enough buildup to anything.

The movie shows and tells you a whole bunch of stuff really but without ever making you feel anything as well. It gives you too much information, which is especially a problem with the movie its first few minutes. The first few minutes is supposed to set the tone for the rest of the movie and make you interested in its story and characters. The movie however does all of this in such an extremely poor way, that you are already starting to loose interest, after the movie barely started already.

The acting also ruins quite a lot. Especially Tracy Spiridakos left me unimpressed, with her poor performance of a femme fatale type of character. But none of the actors impress really, or perhaps I should rather say that none of their characters impress. It's true that you perhaps should blame the writing and directing, instead of simply just the actors.

And it perhaps may sound nitpicky but a thing I was also missing in this movie was a good musical score. The movie was filled with moments that could have used a good musical score to support it but instead the movie is music-less for most part, even during the movie its most crucial moments.

It still seems to me that this movie had plenty of good ideas in it but just no idea how to implement them successfully and effectively into the actual movie. Just watch Hitchcock's "Strangers on a Train" instead!


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