This is not a bad movie, in all honesty. It has some bad and annoying moments and developments in it but overall this still remains one perfectly charming, little, independent comedy.

Guess it helps that the movie also features a sort of original premise in it. It's a romantic comedy but instead of focusing on two people who are falling in love, it focuses on a person who is trying to get out of the relationship. And yes, for most part this works well for the movie its comedy, though it never becomes a truly hilarious or clever one.

It's the sort of comedy that's set in the real world but still features some highly unlikely situations and characters in it. It's an exaggerated movie but luckily the movie never goes too far. As soon as you think it's going overboard, it manages to recompose itself again.

It's still pretty obvious all throughout though that this is being an independent movie. Bothing ever feels or looks truly right, in regard to its camera-work, directing, sound, editing, etcetera. Especially the editing is quite off at times. It's the sort of editing that makes it seem like entire shots were missing from the movie.

I also must say that Jameel Saleem doesn't seem to be a bad actor but he just plays his role a bit too depressed. He should have put some more life into his performance, in my opinion, to give the movie some extra charm and make his character also a more likable one, you truly can sympathize with.

The ending also seemed pretty random. Definitely not very satisfying, since it's the sort of ending that doesn't really resolves anything, for any of the characters.

But really, I never felt bored or annoyed by this movie, no matter what kind of stupid and bad things it did a times. It has a certain charm to it and it's likely to make you laugh, or at the very least put a smile on your face, while watching it.


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