Sometimes movies are so bad, I feel that my head is going to explode, while I'm watching them. And yes, this movie was an absolute torment to watch as well. It's some bottom of the barrel type of stuff, that's not even good or enjoyable to watch for the most hardened horror lovers out there.

Make no mistake about it; this totally is an amateur project. It looks like it got made with no budget and it got shot in the weekends, by a bunch of friends. Nobody involved with this movie, both in front and behind the cameras, appear to be professionals, well with the exception of Lloyd Kaufman but he's in it for like 10 seconds and they probably shot his scene in the back-room of some sort of convention, where it was quiet enough to film. But really Lloyd, you don't need to say yes to absolutely everything. Have some more dignity than that.

The story is very simple and straightforward but that hardly is the biggest problem with this movie. What's way worse is the fact that the movie is an absolutely mess to watch. It has terrible cinematography, bad editing, horrible sound, cheap and fake looking gore effects, lame acting. The sets aren't even sets. Just some empty, vacant apartments or some rooms with some sheets put on the walls, like a 12-year old would do when he or she is making a movie.

There's more random nudity than killings in this, which is always an even cheaper way to score, for movies of this sort. My 'favorite' part is when a girl goes to the toilet and for some unknown is starting to take off all her clothes, while she is just sitting there, before the killer of course storms in. No spoiler there of course, since the movie is so extremely predictable, you can see everything coming from miles away already. But it's not like you'll ever start to care about the story, so it's not even a complaint really.

Thing that also was annoying and distracting as well about the movie was its soundtrack. Every scene a different song kicks in, even though they all start to sound alike after a while. Seems like the film-makers made some promises to some friends who were in a band. They only did it to about 10 too many.

Film-making at its worst. Even for a low-budget/amateur production, this is an absolutely terrible one.


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