No, this movie is not like it sounds. It's not a zombie flick and it's not even a horror. I'm not saying it like that's a bad thing but you should know what you are in for.

It's more like a quirky, drug related, fantasy-comedy really. And yes, luckily it's a pretty amusing one but at the same time it doesn't have enough weight to it to truly consider this to be a great movie as well.

Basically the main thing this movie has going for it is its originality. You can't compare this movie to anything else, which also means that it does some unexpected things at times and it keeps on surprising you with its story and characters, which often is a good thing and keeps things fresh and interesting for the movie.

However, at the same time it also still comes across like the movie itself doesn't exactly seem to know what it wants to be. The story is sending out some mixed messages at times, which makes you unsure how to take it at times. Should you simply take it as a stoner comedy? Or as a more serious type of comedy, with a message behind it? And when should you take the movie literally and when should you take certain things more metaphorically? Not that the movie is hard or confusing to watch but it still does feel a bit messy at times with its storytelling because you never really know where the story and its storytelling is supposed to take the movie.

It's also one of those movies that feels like it could have been shorter. Not that the movie ever really starts to bore or drag but some scenes could and probably also should had been shortened, or simply been left out entirely. The movie feels a bit drawn out at parts, especially toward its ending. It made me loose interest a little but luckily there always was some good comedy to suck me back in again.

You really still need to give the movie lots of credit. Despite my criticism toward some of its story and storytelling, I'm still willing to give plenty of credit to its actual writing, as weird as that perhaps may sound. Not everything works out but it's obvious to me that still lots of time and effort went into the writing and none of the sequence feel like it got written as a throw away sequence but actually like ones that carefully and skillfully got written and planned out for this movie. The dialog and comedy are all pretty good as well, which is never an easy thing to write, no matter how good or experienced you are as a writer.

And the movie as a whole deserves plenty of credit really, knowing how low-budget it was and how it got shot in only just a few days. And despite all these facts, the movie still manages to come across like a very professional one, that's good looking and well acted out. Stuff like the cinematography and editing is all good, as well as most of the movie its other technical aspects.

The acting is great, all across the board to be honest and probably the foremost reason why the movie works out as a perfectly watchable and also entertaining one. I only do wish that the movie also would have had some more punch to its story, to make this a truly great and relevant movie to watch.

The movie as it is entertains but it just doesn't leave a big enough impact and it should have made some better and clearer choices with its story and storytelling, at parts.


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