Weird thing about this movie is that it's taking a comedy approach to things but yet at the same time it apparently is trying to tell you a serious story!

I swear, I thought at first this was going to be some sort of lame high school comedy! But as the movie progressed it started to become clear that you are supposed to take the situations and all of its characters serious. Well, it didn't work for me though, since all of the situations and characters actually still across as highly exaggerated ones to me.

It's even a movie that's trying to send out a serious message against bullying in high school, which makes me hate this movie even more. I hate the movie for it, since it's delivering its messages in an incredibly forced and terribly ineffective way.

If you want to tell a serious story and have some positive messages in it, that could help kids out in real life, you at first, at the very least, need to create some realistic situations and characters for your movie. But this movie is filled with some extremely generic stereotypes and stuff that would never, ever, happen in real life, no matter where you go to school.

The whole way the lies and rumors get spread, which causes the movie its main character to get 'bullied', is beyond belief really. It's ridicules to be frank, since every lie that gets spread, no matter how lame, far fetched and crazy it sounds, gets taken seriously. It makes you hate some of the movie its characters but for all of the wrong reasons. Instead of hating the movie its 'bad guys' you are more often hating on the movie its 'good' characters, because of how incredibly stupid and oblivious they are.

It's also annoying how this appears to be one of those movies that shows that nothing is more important than having a good name and reputation at high school. Being popular is the one and only thing that matters and if you are not with the popular guys or girls, you're with the losers. It makes the messages of the movie come across as even more muddled. On the one hand its trying to send out helpful and serious messages, to help to 'get kids through high school' while at the same time it's still doing and saying stuff that's actually going to make things harder on them. If they take this movie seriously enough that is but luckily I doubt that any high school student is going to do that.

Another problem with the movie is that not of the characters is really likable enough to care for. Like I said before, this mostly has to do with the movie its unrealistic situations and the way the characters handle them. It also doesn't help that basically every characters in this is one big, extreme stereotype, as is most obvious with the movie its main 'villain', who is a girl, that's trying to become the new, popular, main girl at school by trying to spread all these ridicules lies and rumors and by doing a whole bunch of other extreme and highly unconvincing things. She's not human! She's a James Bond villain, ready to take on the whole world, with her bitchy attitude.

But also the main character herself is far from all that likable. For the first half of the movie she hardly speaks and it's very hard to believe she was supposed to be the most popular girl at school once. She is lacking the right sort of charisma and basically comes across like a too big of a bore, to ever care for.

It's trying to be all serious and send out some helpful messages but it's totally lacking the right approach and story for it to ever work out as either convincing or effective enough.


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